Artevista Ligno
Multifunctional cross laminated timber for sustainable attractive and creative timber construction.Visible. Audible. Perceptible
Artevista Knotwood
The natural beauty and timeless appeal of wood with the capabilities of aluminium
Artevista Whiteboards
Magnetic Laminate whiteboards provides the perfect wall panel for commercial fit-outs.
Artevista Acoustic
Sound absorbing panels to control and reduce noise and eliminate slap echo.
Artevista Battens
We manufacture a versatile range of finishes and applications, on wall and ceiling panels.
Artevista Baffles
Versatile range of Timber, Polyurethane, Lamiwood and Aluminium Profile wall and ceiling beams.
Artevista Pinboards
Functional, stylish, noise reducing pinboards in a range of colours and sizes.
Artevista Quiet Hubs
Artevista Sculpture
Our range of sculptured wall panels will instantly bring a unique sense of style and artistic creativity to your walls.
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