Designed for your creative vision, we will print any of your designs onto laminate and place onto timber substrates.
The ideas are endless. Bring your designs to life with eye catching custom prints that we turn into wall panels or splash backs. You can add beautiful master pieces to your workspace, commercial space and home to attract
maximum attention.

Our range of sculptured wall and ceiling panels will instantly bring a unique sense of style and artistic creativity to your walls.


Designs are based on a single panel that creates a repeating pattern; others are made from a
sequence of different panels that can be integrated together in many different ways to create totally unique sculpted walls.



A non-woven acoustic textile, or further acoustic sound absorbers can be added to provide more acoustic value.


Standard panels are fabricated from high quality.


A concealed fixing systems allows for the secret fixing of sculptured panels, providing a seamless and integrated look, either installed by us, or onsite contractors.


Suitable for a variety of wall
and ceiling applications such as
studios, universities, schools, restaurants, cafes, offices, boardrooms, reception areas, sporting centres to name a few.