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AVISTA Baffles Specifications 

Avista Beams are great way to add an acoustic baffle treatment to the room while partially covering the ceiling. The Beams are suspended horizontal and the surface area exposed for sound absorption to hide existing services. Download our Avista Beam Flyer

Beams are a decorative and functional ceiling beam system. A wide variety of unique shapes, in optional sizes are available and custom profile which can be manufactured to any specific project requirement.



We can customise any configuration, material substraight, and profile cut geometry pattens, creating an architectural feature. 

Beams are supplied with industry standard ceiling suspension and direct fixing systems, either installed by us or onsite contractors.



Avista Beams are supplied with
industry standard ceiling suspension and direct fixing systems, either installed by us or onsite contractors.


A non-woven acoustic textile, or further acoustic sound absorbers can be added to provide more acoustic value and hide exisitng services.


Suitable for a variety of wall
and ceiling applications such as
universities, schools, restaurants, cafes, offices, boardrooms, reception areas, sporting centres to name a few.

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