Multifunctional cross laminated timber for sustainable attractive and creative timber construction.Visible. Audible. Perceptible.


Acoustics has become a very important discipline in almost all fields of construction: more and more regulatory instruments refer to acoustics, thereby indicating its importance in construction.


The sustainability of buildings is also affected by its functionality and durability – as well as the lifetime of the construction itself and ecological aspects, because the building‘s long term value is always defined by its usability and flexibility.


In this context, low noise levels in living and working environments, as well as good speech and music intelligibility, directly contribute to the functional value of buildings.


Ligno Panels directly integrates the function of acoustic absorption into the building elements of floors, ceilings and walls. Thus, compared to conventional suspended acoustic panels, a cost benefit is gained.


The range includes load-bearing elements, as well as panels with the same appearance which can be used for retrofitting in existing buildings or as siding in new building construction.

LIGNO Acoustic light timber acoustic elements for acoustically effective panelling are used in residential and industrial buildings, as:

  • Suspended Ceilings

  • Wall Coverings

  • Acoustic Sails

  • Grid Ceiling

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